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Available day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


For over 50 years, generations of divers have been exploring the temperate waters of Jervis Bay.  This unique coastline provides a variety of dive sites ranging in depth from 5m - 40m and  deeper. The growth encrusted rocky reefs, kelp beds, sand flats and seagrass meadows all form the habitats that sustain a diverse range of marine life.  With shore dives,  boat dives, wreck sites, swim-thrus, drop-offs, walls and caves, Jervis Bay really does have something for everyone. 

Visibility can vary from dive to dive and from season to season.  Ranging between 2m - 25m or more, with an average of 5m - 10m. The water temperature ranges from 22°C during summer down to 14°C in winter with each season bringing in its own unique weather patterns and migratory marine life. 

Crest Diving provide exclusive and social dive tours of the local dive sites.  Both novice and experienced divers alike can benefit from having their own personal guide to safely navigate the dive.  Perfect for the underwater photographer wanting to find that special critter or simply the ideal way for a new diver to gain confidence and practice buoyancy under the guidance of a caring PADI instructor.  Just relax, breathe and enjoy the dive.

Diving Jervis Bay is not constrained by tides or currents, making it possible to dive anytime day or night.  On average, a single guided dive will take 3 hours to complete while a double dive will take 5 hours.  Dive times up to 60 minutes or longer can be expected, depending on air consumption, no decompression limits and diver comfort.  

Ultimately,  it is the prevailing weather conditions that will dictate the location and availability of any dive in Jervis Bay.


Exclusive Guided Dives - $50.00 per dive - shore or boat

Social Dives - $15.00 per person - shore dives only




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